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A Beautiful Dark

A Beautiful Dark - Jocelyn Davies

A beautiful Dark was a book I was iffy on in the beginning. I wasn’t sure such an obvious love triangle would be able to be pulled off right. I was happily wrong! I think a big reason I didn’t mind the love triangle was that the plot gave them a very important reason to be there. A lot of books just throw in an unnecessary character just for the love triangle aspect and that is irritating. I big help was that the characters themselves were in no way bland they played there characters perfectly but the whole time you were given hints that there was something more than what they showed. Skye was an amazing character and one that is easy to get attached to along with Cassie. Their friendship was a wonderful addition to the plot. The plot itself was in the background for most of the book but by the end it stands front and center with an emotional ending. Overall I recommend this book to anyone but specifically to paranormal/angel lovers.