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Of Poseidon

Of Poseidon - Anna Banks

I haven't laughed all the way through a book like that in a long time. Of Poseidon was a fun an entertaining read where witty humor and adorable awkwardness abound. I really enjoyed the characters as their personalities where a refreshing change of pace. Galen really surprised me. I wrongly assumed he would follow the trend that tends to happen in YA of being a brooding bad boy type but he was so awkward it was amusing and sweet. Emma was a great change of pace as well. She was feisty but still could be brought to see reason and when things didn't go her way she didn't get depressed she set out to either change it or move on. The "minor" characters aren't really minor and I enjoyed that they played as much a role in the plot as Emma and Galen did. There was some insta-love type behavior but Anna Banks actually provided a believable reason for it and the fact that it didn't happen to just them helped me move past it. As you probably can tell I really enjoyed this book so it gets an easy recommend from me!