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Vanish: A Firelight Novel - Sophie Jordan

Really this book was a 3.5 star for me. I loved how Sophie Jordan brings you right back in to the world. Vanish is a major turning point not just for Jacinda but for all the characters. It really shows how ones decisions can effect an entire group. The plot itself was a little slow as Jacinda gets reaquianted with pride life however it was not boring. I got a little annoyed with the constant wishing for Will but I saw how it was neccessary and most of my annoyance probably came from the fact I am a Cassian fangirl(not ashamed to admit I am biased). As far as sequels go it wasn't the best but it was far from mediocre. It made for an easy transition into Hidden. I easily recommened picking up Vanish and continuing this series as it keeps getting more interesting by the minute